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Baer Forestry was officially established in 2014.  Building an educated and experienced background that can help propel this business into achieving success began much earlier, and continues to happen today.  My name is Bryan Baer, and I have 20+ years of experience within the Arboriculture and Forestry industries.  I began my career as a tree professional by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Forestry from Southern Illinois University (SIU).  SIU is a Society of American Foresters (SAF) accredited school of Forestry, and I was offered a top-notch and hands-on education, as SIU ranks near the top of SAF accredited Forestry programs.  Southern Illinois’ diverse ecosystem allowed me to put my classroom knowledge to work, as southern Illinois' Shawnee National Forest offers a vast amount of diversity in flora and fauna populations.  

Upon obtaining a degree in Forestry from SIU, I was hired by the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS).  The CSFS offered me exceptional opportunities in wildland firefighting training and detailing, but more importantly it offered me the opportunity to diversify my skill set as a Forester, and work with the front-range residents of Colorado (Boulder County, Larimer County, Gilpin County, Jefferson County, Jackson County, Weld County, and Douglas County) to improve the overall health and productivity of their forested land, but to also minimize (mitigate) the hazards associated with wildfire and home loss.  

As a Lyons resident, the 2013 floods triggered a temporary relocation to the Mid-west.  I used this opportunity to obtain an Arborist certificate from the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA), and learn how to climb trees as a professional to do technical trimmings and removals in residential areas.  Also, becoming a Certified Arborist expands my understanding of tree care practices and the scientific processes associated.  

Fortunately for my family and me, we were able to get back to Lyons in the Fall of 2014, and that is when I decided to begin the adventure known as "Baer Mountain and Urban Forestry".  I am passionate about trees and how to properly care for them.  I am passionate about healthy forest restoration and being a good steward on the landscape.  I am also a member of the community, and I want to enjoy the aesthetic beauty that healthy trees and healthy forests bring into our lives.  Also, it's part of my mission to help to educate the private landowners, and offer each client information that can help improve their understanding of how they can be a better steward of their trees/forest in the absence of a forester/arborist.  So, don't hesitate to let a professional Arborist/Forester help to inform you on how to properly care for your matter how many trees you own.  


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